Looking for a professional ally? A talent marketplace might be it!

Nowadays, corporations are in a relentless struggle for talent constantly, with the additional challenge of an increasing skills gap and fluctuating employee outlooks regarding career progress and flexibility.

In this regard, the alternatives that emerge are multiple as the type of hiring agreements keep changing at the rhythm of our world.  Also, as the corporate world becomes more complex regarding its needs, its more necessary to have different tools that allow companies to connect with talents that are willing to address their demands, no matter if they are in-house or out of the organization. 

The talent marketplace can help workers in their hunt for the finest opportunities that benefit their expertise and capabilities to push on their progress and careers benefits the organizations as well. This without a doubt generates more wins for everyone.

This platform can be private for an organization or external marketplaces where multiple companies and professionals can join.

What is a talent marketplace?

Before you move on to the question of why a talent marketplace subsists, let us help you recognize what a talent marketplace is. To put it into simple words, a talent marketplace is a system that allows professionals to match opportunities and develop roles according to their capabilities, concerns, and likes. Global Industry Analyst, Josh Bersin says, “Talent marketplace platforms, which started as a simple search engine to find people and skills with the right jobs, are now becoming the center of the talent management market.” The marketplace shapes skills other than people’s capabilities encompassing what they wish to do and in what manner they choose to do it. 

How does a talent marketplace work?

When professionals join any talent marketplace, they can reach opportunities and match with projects and companies that fit properly their expertise, competencies, skills, knowledge, and concerns. At this point, you need to understand that organizations with hiring flexibility tend to reach out to this type of platform to search for professionals that can take charge of their needs. Through a talent marketplace, independent professionals or employees within an organization gain access to several opportunities like interim projects that line up with their goals, and other possible alliances that could represent a growth or an innovative experience that will allow you to acquire new visions and outlooks. 

Why should I be in a talent marketplace?

Being in a talent marketplace will open innumerable doors of growth and success for you. If you are inquisitive about whether this is the right place for you to be or not, then we say ‘yes it is.’ You will notice that organizations with an in-house talent marketplace empower their people to take charge of their careers and growth via this pragmatic tactic and are finely prepared to overcome the challenges of increasing skill-gap. Take Unilever into account as it has attained a 41% productivity enhancement and empowers lots of its workers to realize their purpose. Also, if you are on the lookout for the best talent for critical ventures or developments, then a talent marketplace will be of assistance.

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