The future of
talent matchmaking

Your perfect match. Delivered.

BlueQuo is a next-gen talent matchmaking service. We use the latest AI technology in the market to match your company with the ideal talent who not only possesses the required expertise, but also shares your company's values, culture and energy. 

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We empower startups, scale-ups, SMBs or Corporates in tech-driven industries by connecting them with the best talent. Using our personalized, intelligent & end-to-end talent assessment and talent matchmaking services, we ensure that you always have the perfect match, delivered.

The Future of Talent Matchmaking

What Makes us different

• Unique tailor made solutions for long lasting matches 

• Average 15 days time to fill - Ideal combination of tech, AI and people for an efficient and in depth selection process 

• 8 month replacement guarantee

• Our experts accompany you every step of the way

Perfect match

3x Faster



Your Perfect Match. Delivered.


• Xray Briefing - holistic profile definition
• Uniquely crafted job descriptions
• Personalized attraction and job posting 

• Record time quality candidates selection
• Top candidates holistic assessment
• Unified CVs and easy to compare shortlist

Attraction - Predefining the Right Fit

Selection - Finding the Perfect Match

Onboarding - Preparing for Success

• Seamless offer letter design 
•  Reco on maximizing the perfect match potential 
•  Uniquely crafted agreement for employee top performance


The future of talent matchmaking.

Match with your new superstar.

Our Clients

“Bluequo’s ability to source top talent that thrives in today's dynamic work environment with a deep understanding of the digital landscape, combined with their innovative use of state-of-the-art technology, sets them apart.”

Sergio Mave
Chief Innovation Officer
Jaguar Path Ventures

“I am grateful for Bluequo's unwavering determination in finding the perfect match for our Head of Operations position. Their expertise in sourcing candidates up to date with the latest tech developments and needs resulted in a seamless fit. Bluequo's commitment to not giving up until they found the right candidate demonstrates their dedication and exceptional service. We highly recommend Bluequo for their relentless pursuit of excellence in talent acquisition."

Santiago Mas
General Manager Nobox

Patricia Ratia Garcia-Oliveros
Co-Founder Samy Aliance

Kind Words From Clients

Miriam Aguirre de Carcer
Head of People 
Samy Alliance

"Bluequo is always our go-to headhunter for sourcing Growth Managers, Business Intelligence experts, Strategist Managers and other digital savvy talents. Their unwavering support to our internal hiring team, deep understanding of our needs, and consistent delivery of perfect matches, particularly for complex positions, make them invaluable."

"Bluequo's ability to find top-tier professionals who drive our success has made them an indispensable partner for the continuous growth and expansion of Samy Alliance across Europe and LATAM"

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