Unicorn Talents for hyper-growth companies

Scale your business with flexible, on-demand leaders, advisors, experts, and board members.

Beat your company’s growing pains with the experience and know-how of our trusted professionals

Accelerate your company’s growth

A short but crucial role can have a lasting impact in the future of hyper-growing start-ups. With BlueQuo, you can access a unique community of handpicked senior managers and C-level executives when you need it the most – for a fraction of the cost and without a single hiring process.

Start to work as a Unicorn Talent

Raise your profile and access to the most exciting mission from the stellars scale-up of BlueQuo. We take care of business development and management so you can focus on delivering value to customers.

Scale the right way with our community

Fractional Leaders

Our fractional and interim leaders are experienced professionals and executives ready to play a vital role in growing your company.

No budget for a full-time hire? Not ready for a permanent leader? Hiring a CMO, CFO, CTO, and other leaders takes effort, time, and money — and that’s if you can find the right one. We can pinpoint a part-time leader that delivers the same impact as a permanent hire.


Our advisors provide powerful insights, offer constructive feedback, and love sharing their knowledge.

Start-up founders wear so many hats that it’s often a challenge for them to take a step back. Time to raise a Series B? Our advisors have all you need to help you create real value — unbiased perspective, sound insights, constructive feedback, and an open network.


Our experts implement best practices and build internal capabilities within a short timeframe in areas from fundraising to data.

Start-up founders face numerous challenges and pressure from investors, employees, and customers. With a quick diagnosis of critical situations and specific needs, our experts help you focus on long-term scalable solutions and avoid hasty short-term decisions.

Board Members

Our independent board members know your industry inside out and are ready to tackle challenges and make tough decisions by your side.

Starting a board of directors? Missing an independent board member with industry knowledge and valuable contacts? Our board members are ready to sit at your table and help you make the critical decisions that serve your company’s best interest.

What BlueQuo can give you