The Best Cities to Work as a Freelancer

After the lockdown, remote work incentivized working from anywhere in the world, and this has become the new normal for many of us. Moreover, the Remote work mode has also become more appreciated and appealing around the world.

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Advantages of working remotely

Remote work has been growing drastically over the past decade due to the advantages of working as an independent professional, and the new technologies that make it easier to work from abroad. Many professionals value the freedom of working without a rigid schedule or without the formalities that come with the office, therefore remote work has become a great alternative.

In addition, in today’s interconnected world, all you need is an internet connection and an electronic gadget through which you can manage your work. Another advantage of working abroad is that it is time effective, as by physically going towards your workplace you need to spend time and other resources such as travel costs.

But it’s not all fun and games, “working from anywhere” requires understanding the nature of the city you choose and the setting you will need to succeed in the remote work experience. 

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Deciding where to go next? Consider this:

Before making a move, there are certain things to evaluate.

  • Tax regulations

Before moving, it is important to study the tax regulations of the country you are planning to go to. It’s preferable to shift to a country where you as a freelancer can get maximum benefits such as tax exemption or that has policies for digital nomads. 

  • Cost of living

You will not want to spend more than your income. So, think wisely and check out the cost of living in multiple regions. This includes evaluating utility bills and miscellaneous expenses of daily life. 

  • Lifestyle

Metrics can vary from person to person, but still, every one of us has a desire to upgrade our lifestyle. For that, working abroad is a good option as you are not restricted to a fixed location and become capable of moving from destinations of your interest. Imagine working from the beach or going hiking after your working journey ends.

  • Internet speed

 Remote working is highly dependent on good internet service. Supposedly if your internet is not working there is a chance that your work would be affected.

Best ranked cities for freelance

  • Chiang Mai, Thailand

Only a few have heard that Chiang Mai in Thailand is a freelancer hub. People over there are quite hospitable and the weather is also very adaptable for the expatriates.

  • Lisbon, Portugal

The city is digitally evolving itself and the city is quite rich with co-working spaces too. The cost of living is low, and the weather is great.

  • Austin, United States

The hottest spot in the United States with a very cheap cost of living makes it one of the best freelance cities.

  • Berlin, Germany

For a digital nomad looking for a city that has a tremendous internet speed and the majority speaks English, Berlin is the perfect pick.

  • Medell√≠n, Colombia

The city is experiencing a digital boom and is one of the vibrant cities in Southern America.

  • Barcelona, Spain

The city of Camp-Nou is the busiest in the Catalonia region. It has over three hundred working space stations for freelancers.

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