Happy Workers And Productivity – How Can This Be Achieved?

Happy workers work from the core of their hearts and usually are proactive, autonomous, innovative, and motivated. Such workers will create and promote a good culture within the organization, and this will translate into sales and performance. Happy workers are more focused at work and are more engaged with their colleagues, strengthening the team's cohesiveness and productiveness. Satisfied workers are loyal and great performers.

Happy workers are more productive

Being happy at work means enjoying your work and engaging in it. Workers who feel they are respected and valued tend to develop a deeper sense of belonging and end up working for the betterment of their company and projects. When they feel appreciated, they try to make a difference among others and show more creativity in their work, as a result, the overall productivity of your organization boosts off.

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How can happiness impact someone’s productivity?

It has been proved that productivity is directly proportional to the happiness and well-being of a worker. But how so?

Happy workers are more productive

Happy employees are 13% more productive. Yes, happiness is the key to increasing team productivity. A happy team is more likely to be energized, creative, innovative, and effective. Their contagious attitude can lead to better work performance and also, better customer service, inspiring customer fidelity.

Happy workers are more loyal

Remember: people want appreciation for their work. According to recent research, appreciation nourishes loyalty and if workers are regularly priced for the efforts they make, that will make them happier and will turn out to be more loyal. Therefore, team leaders will be capable of retaining their talent, a difficult task at these times.

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Happy workers are more motivated

Gratitude and empathy can result in a motivated workforce. Happy workers need space to express themselves, and if you as an employer are successful enough to give them freedom and trust, they will be motivated.

Happy workers are more creative

Creativity comes from a free mind. When workers are happy, they will feel inspired and more capable of finding innovative solutions to daily tasks. They are attentive during their working hours and will be more oriented toward creation and improvement.

And they are also healthier

Employees working under pressure and in a stressful environment will compromise their immune systems and overall health. On the other hand, happy workers are unfettered from such mental stress. These happy workers can reduce their sick leaves and improve their overall performance. With a healthy workforce, an organization can also minimize its absenteeism, therefore this personnel will turn out to have a stable workforce working at their optimal level. At last, by having healthier workers, companies ensure having a positive impact on their members.

How to make your team happier?

Giving financial incentives to your employees will make them happy in the short run, but we also have plenty of non-monetary ways to keep your team happier and motivated. Check them out:

  • Prioritize Work-Life Balance

When thinking about people’s happiness, we need to keep in mind the work-life balance. After the pandemic hit, people realized that they also needed to take care of their personal life, reinforcing the importance of work-life balance. Many corporations are trying to shift a maximum number of workers to a remote or hybrid modality so that the work-life balance can be more sustainable. 

As a consequence of this, countries like the United Kingdom and India, are shifting into a four-day work week.

  • Promote flexibility

When employees feel that they have more flexibility in their office, they will be more relaxed and, in return, perform even better. In today’s modern world, everyone has a different personality, and people like to work in their comfort and personal style. We now know that goal-oriented working is better and more efficient. 

  • Create a Positive Work Environment

Creating a positive environment comes up with transparency, when the teams feel more appreciated and free to speak up their minds, this will impact the environment by enforcing a stronger culture within the organization. When employees feel that no one is discouraging them, they will feel safe to be themselves and bring their full potential to the workplace.

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  • Encourage Breaks and times off

Usually, employees are promoted when they stay late at night to do office work, and sometimes these behaviors are incentivized and promoted in multiple ways. However, if managers change their approach and encourage hard working employees to take a short break from work, they will ensure that the workers feel rewarded, appreciated, and valued. Also, they will perceive that their company makes their health and peace of mind a priority.

  • Make space for Innovation and creativity

In a company where workers perceive they cannot grow, they are more likely to change their jobs due to a lack of space for professional development. On the other hand, if employees are given the freedom to be creative and are less worried about fitting some standards, they will develop new ideas and boost their capacity to innovate. 

  • Promote transparency and authenticity

Promoting transparency is a critical aspect of modern leadership and team management. Building an environment that promotes authenticity and accountability will help boost the success of any business. Managers need to walk the talk and inspire their teammates while creating a good work environment. Promoting authenticity also stresses transparency and giving the workers the right to access information and the power to decide.

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