10 Tips For Planning Your Return To Routine

Everyone likes to enjoy their vacation, and we experience extreme joy when having some days where we can travel, rest and enjoy things that in our daily routine we can't appreciate.

Returning to the office after vacations can be challenging because, let’s be real, many times we don’t want to go back to the office.

Few of us plan the return to the work routine, and with this lack of planning, the re-adjustment becomes more difficult. So, to ease the process, we will be sharing with you 10 tips that will help you return to your routine.

Is post-holiday depression real?

Let’s think about it: many of our days were spent sleeping in, watching our favorite shows, lying on the beach, relaxing, or traveling. We’re enjoying our vacations and then, suddenly, we realize it’s time to return to work. Yes, it can be horrifying to shift back into the routine, but we can ease our return by taking it easy and having a strategy.

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How to get back into a routine after vacations

It is not simple to get back into a routine after vacations, but it’s possible, and most importantly, we can do it without suffering.

Give yourself a buffer day

Giving yourself a break day is essential as it is nearly impossible to rush straight away into that work routine after enjoying being disconnected for a few days. It is better to give yourself a buffer day that will help you slowly get back on track

Take it easy

There is no need to rush, take your time. It may take a few days for you to readjust, but that is OK. Keep calm, you’ll be back to your usual job rhythm before you realize it.

Make a list of tasks

As you will start reviewing your emails and trying to recall where you last left some tasks, it’s useful to take notes and make a list of things you need to address, this way you will avoid forgetting things while you might be scattered trying to catch up.

Respect your work schedule

We know it is tempting to feel that to catch up, you must increase your working hours. However, this might cause additional stress and reduce your productivity in the long run, even if you believe you are doing more in the near term. Leave work on time and respect your schedule. If necessary, set a timer or a reminder to assist you to get out the door.

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Clean up and organize your desk

The best tip is to clean up your desk and drawers before you leave for the holiday so that, when you get back, your space seems tidy and pleasant. Having a clean and organized environment will help you feel more comfortable and work better.

Start by cleansing Your Inbox

Start by checking out your unread emails but do not review them in chronological order otherwise it will consume a lot of time, instead, you can start sorting and splitting emails by tasks and priorities is the best method to sift through them; this will offer you a clearer image of your inbox without drowning in the numbers.

Connect and Engage with your Coworkers

There’s a famous saying that you cannot do everything on your own, this might also work for when you’re returning to the office when you might need to engage with some coworkers while trying to get back on track. Your coworkers can become a helping hand and a source of companionship and support.

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Set priorities

Making a list of priorities will improve your effectiveness and reduce your stress while taking care of the most urgent things. Also, try to set reasonable goals for each task.

Take breaks

Returning to work is a transition, so do not rush for things. You can take short breaks to readjust yourself, and once you are focused and adapted, you will cope with the work pressure.

Get a good night’s sleep

If you feel tired you won’t perform properly, so getting a good night’s sleep will help you manage your anxiety and enhance your mental health. Thus, getting a good night’s sleep before rejoining the office will help you start your day fresh, and don’t forget to set the alarm so you can get ready on time!

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