What Is A Fractional Marketing Manager And Why Do You Need One

Every startup or hyper-growing company desires to achieve the most and make its mark in the corporate world. But to pursue this goal, they need to ramp up its marketing game while upholding its lean budget. And this is where a fractional marketing manager comes into play.

We will help you understand the role of a fractional marketing manager and how you can benefit from their expertise.

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What Is a Fractional Marketing Manager

A fractional marketing manager is a skilled, qualified, and independent marketing professional who works for a company on a contractual basis and serves, for a fraction of his time, providing the same services as a full-time C-level marketing executive. A fractional marketing manager supervises and directs all the company’s marketing pursuits at a fraction of the cost. It is a gainful solution for startups and mid-sized businesses aiming to climb the ladder.

What Does a Fractional Marketing Manager Do?

Fractional marketing managers are very well-skilled in applying the best marketing strategies to generate optimal outcomes and growth for the company. They guide and lead the marketing team to help them handle the positioning, reputation, and brand awareness of the company. A fractional marketing professional works to the best of his abilities and incrementally improves the conduct of his team to help the startup gain a competitive edge.

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How Can Your Company Benefit from Hiring One?

If you are still wondering whether you should bring a fractional marketing manager to your business setting, then this will help you make up your mind:

  • They Bring a Fresh Perspective: One of the most notable benefits is that fractional marketing professionals have a diverse range of experiences, and this enables them to understand what the company needs. Rather than suggesting unplanned methods, they use viable strategies that will help your business get ahead.
  • They Help You Grow and Scale: A good marketing strategy goes a long way, but without the right guidance and leadership in that arena, your business cannot grow. And this is what a fractional marketing manager brings to the table to support your startup’s success and growth.
  • It Is a Cost-Effective Solution: Hiring a full-time marketing executive is not financially ideal for startups and mid-sized businesses because of the lean budget and limited resources. But having a fractional marketing professional in command is a cost-effective solution.

Unlike a round-the-clock marketing executive to whom a company pays a high salary and reimbursement, a fractional marketing manager works for a fraction of the time and provides the same services as a full-time executive at a fraction of the cost.

  • They Have Great Knowledge and Expertise: After years of experience and a broad trajectory in multiple settings, fractional marketing managers gain exceptional knowledge and valuable skills that can undeniably help your startup reach new heights. They can guide the marketing team and employ the best promotional plans.

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When To Consider a Fractional Marketing Manager

When you are expanding your business or startup, having the right marketing strategies in place is crucial. And delivering the best image of your business while upholding its lean budget is one of the most significant benefits of fractional marketing management. They know how and when to use various promotional channels to improve the social standing of your business in the specified time for which they are being hired.

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