The Most Common Fears Of Changing Jobs And How To Overcome Them

Fear of change is unavoidable and planning a career change is challenging and demanding.

This fear is unavoidable as your life is synchronized with your career choices, but once you overcome this phase, you will be able to enjoy the new opportunities you obtain.

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Pros and Cons of Changing Your Jobs

Post-pandemic shifts in the working landscape have encouraged several career shifts. But despite the challenges, there are several benefits related to changing jobs.

  • Let it be a change of role within the same company or joining a new work environment, you will acquire new skills that will add to your experience. It’s an opportunity to grow
  • You will interact with different people, which will help you understand how to become accustomed to workplace relations.
  • You get a fresh start.

But a career change is critical and has some shortcomings:

  • There might not be as much financial stability as in your previous job.
  • You might have to work on a probationary basis in your new job for a while.
  •  When beginning something new, it is critical to consider the learning curve and potential delays.

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Are You Scared of Changing Your Job?

Some people welcome change with more certainty, while some fear it. But regardless of how you embrace it, being anxious about changing jobs is quite normal, and acknowledging this fear does not make you less competent, on the contrary, it will help you manage your fear of change.

Fear of Failure

Shifting your career can affect your peace of mind. You feel overwhelmed and fear that you might fail in this new work setting. This fear is also a part of the process, so don’t worry.

Fear of The Unknown

It is embedded in our system to be afraid of something we cannot perceive. You are distressed about whether the changes in your work life will bring the desired outcome or not.

Fear of Inadequacy

In adapting to a new work setting, you might feel scared that you are not competent enough and need reassurance. It’s part of the process, but you need to navigate this fear while remembering that you’re skilled enough.

Fear of Making the Wrong Choice

Most commonly, people are afraid of making the wrong choice, and this fear of failure discourages them to get out of their comfort zone and limit their full potential.

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Tips for Overcoming a Fear of Changing Jobs

Remember: Fear is Normal

Understand that feeling afraid of life change is normal. Your concerns are rational, and recognizing them is the first step in the right direction.

Embrace Positivity

Rather than focusing on your shortcomings, value the accomplishments you have throughout this process.

Raise Your Self-Awareness

Self-evaluation will help you understand what your expertise is and what career you want. This will provide you with clear direction.

Take Small Steps

Realizing small goals is the right tactic for disabling this numbing fear. This will build your risk muscle and help you keep moving.

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