The Cinderella Syndrome in the Work Environment

You have done your high school followed by a decent graduate degree. You also secured a job and stayed up nights to achieve the goals for the company. On the other hand, your role as a mother and wife is also impeccable. In short, you have all the necessary skills to be a wonderful woman, but still, you are not reaching your optimal level of success, and self-esteem. Does this sound familiar? Have you heard about the Cinderella Syndrome? Let's talk about it!

What is the Cinderella Syndrome?

The Cinderella complex or Cinderella syndrome usually englobes a mindset that harms women’s confidence, as it sets the expectation that someone will help them and lead them to attain their life objectives. The women who are not aspiring to grow by their efforts and are daydreaming that one day all the things will get streamlined are also living in this Cinderella syndrome. This independence fear makes some women more insecure and unconscious of their actual power.

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Signs of the Cinderella syndrome

The signs of Cinderella syndrome might be: changing your opinion before any important event or forgetting crucial deadlines. The constant fear of failure is also an insignia of the Cinderella syndrome. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, a person reaches the top of the pyramid when he/she reaches a desire for self-realization and starts working towards achieving personal growth. But when we see in our society that there is an enormous male dominance, it is understandable that women might be somehow disadvantaged, which ends up resulting in women not being able to reach the top level of jobs. That is so, in 2020, only 13 out of 500 top companies were led by women, and this reality is also related to the Cinderella syndrome, among other factors.

How to overcome the Cinderella syndrome

  • Work on your self-esteem and self-confidence

By working on your self-esteem so that you can do things on your own and make yourself realize that the core strength comes from yourself and the power to recognize your value.

  • Start taking credit for your achievements

Don’t be shy to take the credit you deserve for the efforts you have made even if you’re in a work environment that is male dominant you must recognize the value you bring to the table and how capable you´re of achieving great things. You will set an example for other women.

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  • Make space for your dreams and desires

You are precious, so do not allow anyone to overpower you. As a first step, start saying No to the things you are not comfortable with and let others know of your choices. Manage time regularly to work on your dreams so that you can keep yourself cheerful and empowered.

  • Recognize your value

The only way to stay strong is to believe in yourself and – just like Cinderella did- show the world who you are. You need to respect yourself first, set the boundaries you need, and honor them.

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  • Stay true to yourself

Take time throughout the day to acknowledge yourself and be connected to your emotions, thoughts, and desires, this will eventually lead you to know what you truly want and never betray yourself. Your individuality will allow you to be a better version of yourself, and your uniqueness will support you to shine through.

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