The Best Apps and Software For Independent Workers

Being productive is a task that demands attention and effort, especially for those independent workers that must fulfill multiple responsibilities on their own. Therefore, it becomes a need to learn how to manage and invest effectively the time, energy, and efforts.

The implementation of adequate freelance software and applications that assist with time management and developing plans has become an ally for independent workers. 

If you’re struggling with your productivity and want to find the best apps and software for task and time management, we will share a few useful applications that will become your new best friends.

Time Management Apps

In this ever-changing world, time is very valuable, so having the best time management applications to develop and fulfill deadlines will be useful. We provide you with some applications that will assist you in time management quite swiftly.

This application keeps track of the time you invest in each task. Its features include personalized reports encompassing website and application usage, screenshot monitoring, and a lot more. These reports will offer you an understanding of the websites being used and the duration of that usage. These reports can be accessible to you online as well as via weekly emails. 

With this time tracking app, you will be able to understand how you’re investing your time.

This application will help you with time tracking when you are dealing with several different projects at the same time. The software offers a user-friendly interface that will help you with a substitute of timesheets as well.

As the name implies, this application enables you to save different information in one single place. Pocket allows you to collect different links and resources so that you can use them whenever you need them without the trouble of searching again.

This is an iOS application that will enable you to organize your daily tasks into a set of groups of your convenience. The application also offers an intuitive and customizable interface to help you navigate easily.

Notes and Lists

Whether you are a self-governing operative or an employee, you always tend to make notes and lists to prioritize your tasks. As technology evolves, it becomes easier to develop tools that assist you with any daily task. Our favorite note-taking apps are:

Evernote will allow you to save your ideas and views in various ways such as notes and images. It will also enable you to record and save voice notes within. This app will be useful to keep track of any information that you can benefit from having. 

This is a mind mapping software that can help you organize views and developments related to projects, thus you can become clearer to do what needs to be done, when, and how. Mind42 will help you increase your productivity by giving you a simple and broad view of your tasks.

This note-taking application will help you organize deadlines, objectives, and projects to increase your competence and productivity. With Notion, you can gather all the documents, websites, and information that you need to develop any task. Also, this app can be used among teams. 

Project Management Applications

If you need help organizing and managing resources, time, and budget, then project management applications are just the right tools for you. We have shortlisted the following applications that will assist you in these tasks.

When you encounter projects that require teamwork,  Trello will enable you the categorization and clarifying of applicable tasks to allocate to team members. You can envision developments as bulletin board lists completed from distinct posts.

This application will offer you a unique method of boards by enabling you to generate lists and dashboards to increase efficiency. It is helpful for task creation and management.

This software has integrations with other significant applications. Its vastly cooperative dashboard interface will allow you to comment and attach files from your computer, Dropbox, or any other storage tool.

This application will help you conjecture your schedule, keep track of your money, and attain financial goals. Using Cushion will improve your workflow.

This cloud-based management software will help you manage tasks from your smartphones or tablets. It enables you to prioritize your tasks to provide more clarity.

Team Chat Apps

Communicating with your team is very important to get the best outcomes, and to do it effectively, we will give you a list of a few apps.

Slack provides several internet relay chat features. It will offer you encompassing insistent chat rooms planned by issue, personal, groups, and direct messaging.

This instant messaging application will allow you to connect with your team using voice and video calls, and messages. You can also share media and documents in private chats.

This application will enable you to communicate by posting messages on public and private networks, and by uploading and sharing files.

Rocket chat offers separate and group chats, video meetings, file transfer, screen sharing, as well as live chat, making your communications with the team more effective.

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