New Job Success Profile: Independent Executive

Hiring independent executives is a flexible alternative that serves companies on many levels. This type of agreement is becoming more common in our current environment, and this trend will only keep growing in the upcoming years.

Hybrid teams where full-time employees, freelancers, and independent executives come together will be the new normal.

In this article, we will talk about how independent executives can add value to your business.

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What is an Independent Executive

An independent executive is a high-level professional that works as an external advisor or consultant.

The main goal of this executive is to help businesses succeed by overcoming challenges that prevent them from scaling up.

Who Can Become an Independent Executive

To work as an executive on demand you need to enjoy working on projects and collaborating with several companies at the time. Also, you will need to have high-level skills and experience to lead several projects.

At last, to work as an independent executive, you need to have a great sense of self-agency, independence, accountability, and a desire for freedom.

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How Can an Independent Executive Work with a Company

There are various forms by which independent executives can work with a business:

  • As an Interim/Temporary Executive

This is a temporary agreement where the executive is required for a short period, usually to fill a vacancy or a gap between one position and a new one. Usually, this executive is needed when a business demands specific knowledge and supervision over a certain area.

  • As Part-time Executive

A part-time executive can work with a company for less than the full-time schedule. This arrangement can be a year-long or more depending on the company’s needs, and it’s fixed at a part-time availability.

  • As a Fractional Executive

Hiring a fractional executive can be a good alternative for those businesses that can’t hire a full-time C-level executive. These businesses will receive the same degree of experience and skills as the full-time executive but at a fraction of the cost.

Fractional executives have experience and knowledge of diverse work environments. Thus, these executives can bring to the businesses a broad vision and set of strategies and skills.

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Job Flexibility and Professional Success

Independent executives, especially those working as fractionals, have control over their schedules. This flexibility allows these professionals to work with more than one company at a time.

At last, by working as self-employed executives, professionals have more freedom and a better work-life balance.

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