Looking for professional freedom? It’s time to work as an Independent Consultant

A while back, on a vacation in Hawaii Dan Pontefract, an independent consultant, realized that he was not fulfilling his full potential at his corporate job. Even though Dan had a promising job at Telus, one of Canada’s large-scale telecommunications establishments. As it happens, the corporation forges the position of “Chief Envisioner” for Dan. Even so, Dan was succeeding in his enterprise job, he couldn’t resist wondering about initiating his consulting corporate.

Because no matter the perks of being employed at a telecommunication giant, the deep-rooted desire of being professionally independent encouraged Dan and made him realize that he can cause a significant influence if he set out on his own. Thus if you, like Dan, wish to accomplish what you are perfectly proficient in, even if it causes you nervousness and increases efforts, in the end, you will be relieved that you followed your desires. And setting off as an independent consultant will assist you to achieve that.

What is an Independent Consultant?

It is rather okay that you stumble over this question quite so often while considering leaving your current job or launching a startup. Choosing to be an independent consultant is a wonderful opportunity for those who seek a position with more freedom than a nine-to-five schedule.

Independent consultants offer services to a mix of customers, instead of performing for one organization, they can work in various areas, with their experiences and substantial knowledge to clarify any gaps or insufficiencies in a corporation’s maneuvers. Let’s take a deeper look and show you what this innovative choice brings to the table. Independent consultants perform for a diversity of businesses and have particular experience in their area of expertise. 

Logically, you will be working on an agreement for a set period, either as an operative of their corporation or as a freelancer, and will be offering skillful guidance in your niche. The choice is yours, either way, you will rejoice in your professional freedom. 

How Can Independent Consultants Find Projects?

You are probably wondering how will you find projects. Whether the deals are to your liking or not? Or are you being paid enough for your efforts? Don’t worry your queries are rational. The main task for you as an independent consultant will be growth. In the words of William A. Pasmore  “To become an advanced consultant, you can’t simply do more of the same; you need to deepen your knowledge while seeking feedback that allows you to grow as an individual.” It is vital to set goals and supervise your progress. Also, you must have control over your advances and check if you are achieving the progress and work style you signed in for.

To Become an Independent Consultant you Must:

Effective independent consulting is a fine art, and fairly, not every person at the beginning is carved for this profession. To do the trick and shape a booming consulting professional, you must: 

1. Choose a Specialty and The Services You’re Willing to Offer

Yes, you guessed it right. You have to be keen to place yourself in the competition and go for your visions. You will encounter a whole heap of consultants in the market, therefore you want to distinguish and convey what separates you from the rest. Explore your knowledge and your passions. Someplace in the medium of these two, you will find your niche. Also, after setting your niche, you must make a list of the services you want to offer to your targeted audience, having clarity in this regard will help you promote properly your professional services.

2. Develop a Personal Brand and Increase your Online Presence

What you do will define you. You are your own brand, therefore you must invest in your reputation, visibility, and the promotion of your expertise.  We live in a digital era, therefore we´re more able to easily reach out to the world, despite the sector you work in or the place you´re working from. Use online channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to let the world know of your skills, passions, vision, and, services. Create informative blogs to make people realize that they have come to the right place.

3. Request Recommendations

Social proof is a key indicator in the decision-making process, therefore, having happy customers that are willing to share their expertise is essential in the process of gaining visibility, credibility, and a broad amount of clients. By doing this, you will find satisfied clients always back at your door. Understand the power of word-of-mouth and request your clientele for recommendations to attract more customers.

4. Locate Clients

Locating your potential client is of the same importance to identify yourself. What industry you are serving? How your existing clients be helpful to bring in the new ones? How immense is their corporate? What is holding them back? Interpreting your current clients and your skills will help you to locate and entice new customers.

5. Select a Talent Marketplace That Fits Your Needs

The talent marketplace will be a game-changer for you. Chose a marketplace that best suits your expertise, and your qualified offerings, and empowers quickness. Doing your exercise will enable you to be an effective independent consultant. Now have faith in yourself your future awaits.

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