How to Stay Focused and Avoid Distractions at Work

As we are exposed to constant distractions, remaining focused becomes very challenging, especially in this interconnected world. Getting distracted at work is something that we all experience from time to time, therefore, we struggle constantly to keep our attention and focus on one task.

But just like any other goal, we can achieve a better focusing capability by developing habits that help us avoid distractions. Abolishing distractions in the workplace improves overall work productivity and allows you to do your job more proficiently and resourcefully.

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The Most Common Distractions You Should Avoid

Knowing what is distracting you will help you to come up with strategies to avoid it. And let’s be real, the most common distraction is your smartphone and the blitz of emails, text messages, social media notifications, and calls. You may have developed a habit to pick up your phone and scroll mindlessly on social media, and unknowingly end up spending hours on it in the middle of your work, ultimately affecting your productivity and overall performance. Another distraction you should avoid is chatting with your colleagues during a task. Putting ongoing tasks on hold to talk can sabotage your goal as it shatters your focus. 

How Long Can You Stay Focused?

According to Harvard Business Review, people spend about 41% of their time on low-value exploits and check emails or social media every six minutes. Even though these activities may be related to your work, they are not the task that enables value, it steals your focus from those activities that contribute to your goals. The time when you can stay focused without being interrupted at work is the time you can be most efficient, prolific, and competent. 

Boost Your Productivity by Improving Your Concentration

Your ability to focus single-mindedly on your work can boost your productivity and help you achieve your goals. Undeniably, this needs self-control and drive to enable you to manage obstructive thoughts and undesirable excitements that can effortlessly deviate you from your determined goal. So, developing the capability to stay concentrated is a habit that will help you capitalize on the time you employ on explicit goal-driven work and labor. We think it is clear that concentration is often a significant distinguishing aspect that differentiates those who get ahead in one arena of effort from those who don’t.

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5 Ways to Avoid Distractions

So, we have discovered that focus is important if you want to succeed in your job and deliver your tasks properly. You may not control every disruption, but you sure can limit them. Here are a few ways to help you overcome this attention grabber. 

1. Stop Multitasking

Multitasking may look convincing at first, but it happens to be a distraction itself, and as it is stressful, it takes more time and causes more slip ups. Juggling different tasks at once, particularly tricky ones affects your productivity. You will be more focused and reach your goals if you stop multitasking because this will help you concentrate on the most important task and make sure that you are more resourceful and productive. Also, you will develop and practice the habit of remaining focused on one thing.

2. Silence Your Notifications

Eagerly checking your notifications will disturb a focused workflow. So, to limit distractions, silencing notifications from cell phones and computer applications is the frame of mind you need. By muting your alerts you will stop and limit abrupt interruptions that keep you out of focus. Fortunately, nowadays, phones have features that allow you to silence your notifications and set personalized settings for those alerts, also you can use several apps that help you stay off your phone.

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3. Set a Specific Time to Reply to Emails and Texts

Responding to your emails and text messages right away is a way to break your focus in the workplace. It can distract you and also drain your energy affecting your competence. It can be helpful to create an email timetable and take specific portions of your day to reply to emails and text messages. This way you can remain focused and feel more relaxed. 

4. Have Daily Goals

Without a doubt, goals can improve your motivation and attention to detail. No goals mean a lack of direction, and you end up feeling sidetracked and dazed. However, setting your daily achievable goal will give you a sense of purpose and help you invest your time more constructively. You will remain committed and do well when you concentrate on one goal daily rather than many.

5. Schedule Breaks

Taking even and necessary breaks can have an encouraging effect on your performance. Rather than working non-stop or keep thinking about doing other activities, it is more helpful to take regular pauses to feel restored and reinvigorated. Don’t take long pauses during tasks otherwise, you will lose focus, but constructive breaks support your body and brain. Also, if you work tirelessly without any break, you will feel worn out, drained, or exhausted, which leads to burnout. And not just that, it will also reduce your motivation. So, it is best to shift between focus and unfocused but always strike a balance between the two. 

Developing and maintaining healthy habits is a useful way to improve your overall well-being, productivity, and performance at work. As long as we feel good and can reach our full potential, we will be better professionals. 

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