How to Overcome Workplace Insecurities to Progress in Your Career

It is frequent to experience workplace insecurity, and almost everyone faces doubts regarding their performance and value at the workplace, especially when they are initiating their professional career. Although it is understandable, when you work in a competitive environment, your job insecurity may lead to self-doubt, affecting your work performance and increasing the insecurity. So, what matters the most is to challenge your fears and overcome your insecurities so that you progress in your career.

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Most Common Insecurities

Often, professionals face certain circumstances and situations that can spark feelings of uncertainty and insecurity at work. Here are some of the most common workplace insecurities that many specialists encounter throughout their careers.

1. Salary

Most workplace issues are related, therefore it is understandable that this can easily distress anyone, especially in these days where job instability has become a norm. Another situation that might trigger insecurity might be knowing that another member of your team is salaried more than you even though you are both on the same level. While understanding that your pay is set according to your experience and expertise, noticing that another colleague has a different recognition could trigger insecurities. 

2. Workload

“I won’t be able to do it all”.Many professionals tend to feel insecure once in a while, questioning their capacity to manage the work assigned to them. This might make them believe they are not as skilled as their colleagues or unable to meet people’s expectations. Often worrying about the amount of workload that must be faced, could trigger a state of paralysis instead of proactivity.  

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3. Performance

When you work in a competitive workplace you can often be unsure of your job performance. It’s not due to a lack of confidence but because you may be criticizing your own work and ability. You may feel insecure that others are performing much better than you. 

4. Recognition

When you are working to your full potential for a long time, but still you didn’t get any recognition, it is only natural to feel insecure. But there is always a way to ask your colleagues for feedback about your work. 

How to Deal with Them

So rather than holding yourself back by worrying about small things that are out of your control, you need to overcome your insecurities with self-assurance. You can always talk to your managers about matters that concern you, or you can also find a way to ask for feedback from your team members and improve the skills that you lack. You can criticize your work but make sure that it is constructive criticism so that you can do even better. 

Boost Your Self-Confidence

It is time to get over your insecurities and boost your self-confidence. Celebrate yourself and your small wins. Don’t dwell on the slip ups but know your efforts and encourage yourself. Have a proactive mindset and embrace your qualities, passion, and your individuality.

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