Guide on fractional hiring for 2023

Nowadays, there is a method to accelerate product development processes and increase business growth without overreaching the budget: fractional teams. Regardless of your company’s industry, you can benefit from fractional…

Nowadays, there is a method to accelerate product development processes and increase business growth without overreaching the budget: fractional teams.

Regardless of your company’s industry, you can benefit from fractional hiring because bringing in multiple people with different skill sets or taking on independent professional or adjunct employees to achieve your goals without all the overhead or business commitment of full-time employment, can be a cost-effective solution for multiple businesses in the scaling phase. Therefore, the truth is that you can accomplish things faster by expanding internal teams with an aligned holistic approach operating by a fractional team model that eases access to the knowledge, skills, and expertise that a business needs at a specific time.

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What are fractional leaders?

The field of HR, specifically the area of recruiting is constantly evolving since organizations have to adapt to emerging market needs. Currently, a trend that is growing in this field, as a consequence of the flexibility  and professional development that talents are seeking and their new motivations, is fractional leadership. 

Fractional leaders are experienced executives or consultants who can provide strategic guidance, mentoring, and short-term expertise. They often work elsewhere, as they are only required part-time or under an hourly agreement. 

But what is the role of these fractional leaders? These professionals seek to fill key short-term positions in a company and can merge into different scenarios: 

  • If the company is in its launching phase and does not have enough budget for full-time executives.
  • To fill unexpected, costly, or difficult-to-fill vacancies. 
  • To train leaders who are just starting and require experience. 

Since the world of work is changing rapidly, the market trends show that fractional leadership roles will continue to grow, as these types of work agreements can fill the current market gaps, as confirmed by Gina Riley, Career Coach at Gina Riley Consulting: “At the executive level, as the fractional movement grows, I predict there will be agencies that grow a stable of fractional CxOs who have been vetted and are “on the bench” to get “called up” when the needs arise.”

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What are fractional teams, and how can they benefit your company?

A fractional team is a team of part-time or contract professionals who work together to provide a specific set of services or expertise to a company. These teams are assembled with professionals specialized in different areas, such as marketing, finance, HR, or IT, and work together to support a company’s goals without needing full-time employees.

Fractional teams are considered the next step in the fractional hiring trend, which is not new, but has caught the interest of many and has gained popularity. This type of part-time hiring to fill important positions serves by bringing the experience and knowledge that any organization needs to grow. If you need to fill crucial roles in your company, you can highly benefit from these skilled professionals that will devote a specific time to your company.

One frequent case where these leaders can jump in is when a CEO of a company is developing a product or a specific project, so he can hire an entire fractional team to manage the responsibilities associated with the project or product in a flexible manner that adapts to each stage of the business.

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Overall, a company can benefit from hiring fractional teams because its a solution that offers the following: 

  • Cost savings. Fractional teams can be more cost-effective than hiring full-time employees because they typically charge only for services they provide rather than making companies undertake a full-time salary with benefits. This can be especially beneficial for small businesses or startups that may not have the resources to hire a large team of full-time employees.
  • Expertise. Fractional teams can offer a company a wide range of specialized experts that may not be available in-house. For example, a fractional marketing team may include a social media expert, a content writer, and a graphic designer, all of whom can work together to develop and execute a comprehensive marketing strategy.
  • Flexibility. Fractional teams can be scaled up or down to adapt to the company’s needs, which can be especially helpful for businesses with seasonal fluctuations or project-based work.
  • Efficiency. Fractional teams are typically composed of highly experienced professionals who can work quickly and efficiently. This helps companies meet deadlines and achieve their goals quicker than relying only on in-house staff.

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Sustained Thriving

Fractional hiring is a good strategy for start-ups and scale-up companies, especially in times of recession, yet, beyond the current circumstances, it can also be used as a long-term strategy for any organization seeking to grow sustainably, improve teamwork, and become more agile.

If your company is looking to the future, fractional teams can take you there successfully, making it a more efficient organization in the long term. 

Scale Fast

Scaling a business with fractional teams means building a team with part-time workers or contract professionals who work on specific projects or tasks. This approach allows a company to scale up or down quickly based on the needs of the business without hiring full-time employees. Fractional teams can merge in all the phases of your company since it implies employing a professional in the area where the business needs more guidance and support.

Best talent at an affordable cost

When you are hiring a team of specialists, the costs can be a great concern, therefore fractional hiring is a solution that allows you to hire the best talent at an affordable cost that fits the business. 

Fractional teams are especially popular with startups and small companies because they struggle to afford full-time employees. And yet, this alternative is also becoming popular among larger companies looking for specialized expertise for short-term projects or high-touch marketing activities.

So, summing up, what are the key benefits of employing a fractional team? Hiring a fractional team can help businesses be more efficient, effective, and agile while providing access to top talent and expertise.

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