Feeling stressed or tired? You might be burned out!

Continuing stress has become a new norm in this modern and ever-changing world, compromising everyone’s mental and physical health, and also, their work performance. The emotional exhaustion might make you feel that you are continuously walking on the cusp. If this relentless stress makes you feel stranded, disheartened, and fully fatigued, you might be on the way to burnout.

The American Psychological Association defines burnout as “physical, emotional, or mental exhaustion accompanied by decreased motivation, lowered performance, and negative attitudes toward oneself and others. It results from performing at a high level until stress and tension, especially from extreme and prolonged physical or mental exertion or an overburdening workload, take their toll”. 

The harmful influence of burnout can impact your personal and professional life, generating multiple consequences on your health and wellbeing, therefore, it’s important to pay attention to the red flags that we will develop below. 

Do you have brain fog?

Have you anxiously searched for your glasses and then realized they were on your head the whole time? This is what a foggy brain does. The idea of brain fog usually defines a strain in remembrance and clear thinking. Brain fog can cause you to finish a 15-minute task in hours, or you are hustling to take notes and understand what is being discussed at a conference. Brain fog is not a mental disorder, it is a concept that defines the incapability to focus, recall things, think clearly, or resolve glitches. Therefore, it is imperative to identify the symptoms and seek approaches to revitalize a foggy brain so that you can lead a hale and hearty life.

Are you feeling physically or emotionally exhausted?

It is very common that at some stage in our lives we become emotionally exhausted. You are physically exhausted and don’t dare to accomplish even trivial tasks and feel irritated at the smallest things. You will not be emotionally exhausted when you are encouraged or excited. Most often emotional exhaustion is triggered by stress and negative emotions that might ultimately lead to burnout. You continuously feeling worn-out and detached from your surroundings is a sign that you are emotionally exhausted. Such actions can result in a behavioral pattern that grows into a lasting practice of complaining which affects your professional and personal life. 

Do you feel disconnected?

Feeling disconnected feels different in every person. Maybe you feel apathy for things you have once relished, or you might feel trapped without determination, or you are just enduring your overwhelming emotions relentlessly. Don’t panic, you are not sick, it is normal to feel disconnected when you are frightened, anxious, tired or when you have endured a negative emotion for a considerably long time. But giving up is never a solution because feeling connected to yourself is very beneficial as it demonstrates your self-worth. Also, as humans we thrive for connection, so it’s understandable that feeling disconnected or trapped in your own mind, might end up generating discomfort. 

How to recover from burnout

Despite the hold that burnout has on most of us, retrieval is attainable. Identifying what triggers your strain will enable you to evade or lessen such interactions. Developing  good habits, learning to set healthy boundaries  and investing time in your personal development, may be time-consuming, but the outcomes will surely help you recover from burnout and mental fatigue. There is no embarrassment in asking for support from a qualified psychologist; it is invigorating and will guide you along the path of self discovery and personal wellbeing. Investing in yourself will enable healing and will result in mental fitness and emotional happiness.

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