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1- Is BlueQuo a headhunter?

No, we build world-class teams by bringing together independent executives from our community to support our client’s growth. We provide an end-to-end solution, from matchmaking to performance management, that allows both parties to grow, on demand. We are business partners and are accountable for the collective outcome. We enable BlueQuo talent to work on the projects they love when it suits them. While this sometimes means working in our clients’ offices, BlueQuo talent mostly works remotely.

2- How does the BlueQuo selection process ensure the quality of applicants in order to meet the companies requirements?

We have a hand-picked community that meets the standard requirements of our clients. In addition, we guarantee culture and values match through personality and culture tests that are reviewed by an expert in the field of talent management.

Our process includes a variety of methods and technology to identify skills and abilities, including performance reviews, the user or market research, business cases, project management, formal assessments, and live problem-solving sessions that are appropriate for the candidate and the industry.

3-   Is BlueQuo able to provide entire teams or only individual talent?

We can provide both. We offer an integrated solution that allows us to provide our clients with individual talent and/or multidisciplinary teams to solve challenges of different kinds. Our squads as a service provide our clients with an agile, fully functioning, and self-managing team to scale rapidly and deliver on key business objectives. We don’t match people with roles, we combine the skills, passion, and experience of each member to create a fast, flexible and bespoke squad for every brief.

4- How does the matching process work? How does BlueQuo guarantee that the candidate meets the company’s needs?

We rely on several elements to ensure the perfect match between the needs of our clients and the profile of BlueQuo talents.

In particular, it takes into account:

  • The candidate’s skills and the requirements of the assignment.
    • The candidate’s track record and the type of company in which has previously carried out assignments.
  • The match between BlueQuo talents soft skills, and the client company’s values.
    • Availability for the required mission.
    • BlueQuo talent fees management with the company budget for the mission.
5- Can a company meet the candidates before making a decision?

Yes, of course! We recommend it. As far as possible, it is important to arrange meetings with the candidates to get to know them and discover more about their skills, the project, and to make sure of their values and motivation. So, you can meet the candidates in person, via video, or via phone interview.

6- Where are BlueQuo talents located?

Currently, we have experts in over 10 countries, mostly located in the Americas and Europe.

7- How does the trial period work?

All missions start with a trial period of up to 3 months. That means companies and talent have a trial period to create a relationship and ensure a successful mission.

The talent team will develop an exhaustive follow-up work to understand if the BlueQuo candidate integration meets the company expectations and vice versa. If by any reason, the integration is not successful within the trial period of up to 3 months, BlueQuo can present the company with other suitable talents.

8- How can a Company have the guarantee of confidentiality?

By signing our Terms and Conditions, BlueQuo Talents are already required to respect a confidentiality clause. Confidentiality can also be secured by the signage of a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), which can be provided by us.

9- How often will a company be charged? How are payments and invoices handled?

BlueQuo requests the payment of its fees and talent services on the last working day of each month via Mangopay. The company has up to 5 days after receiving the invoices to proceed with the payment.

BlueQuo has an agreement to pay its talents up to the first ten days of the following month, but that can only happen if the company’s payments are well received.

All payments are managed through Mangopay, a compliance, and payment processing platform. BlueQuo centralizes the entire payment process. Whether you are working with one BlueQuo talent or 100 talents, all payments are handled directly with BlueQuo. We assure you that BlueQuo talents services are due on time.

10- Can a company pay in equity?

Yes, as long as the BlueQuo talent agrees to it. To make it easier, we can provide a contract template for payment in equity prepared by our lawyers. However, BlueQuo fees cannot be due in equity. If the talent in question agrees on payment with equity, the BlueQuo fee will be calculated based on an hourly market reference for the profile contracted and mission duration.

11- Can the freelancer invoice a company from abroad? Is it possible for BlueQuo to invoice companies from a different country?

Yes, a BlueQuo talent can invoice a company from abroad. In that case, specific documents apply to prove the company’s identity and respect due diligence against money laundering (this process is managed via Mangopay).

If the company doesn’t have a bank account in Euro, currency conversion fees will apply and should be supported by the company, not the talent.

12- How do you verify that a BlueQuo talent is in good legal standing (due diligence)?

To process payments to BlueQuo talent, legal documents submitted via Mangopay are applicable to confirm that the talent is currently standing in a legally sound position. This measure protects the company from falling prey to local laws and regulations concerning undeclared work.

Documents request to the BlueQuo talent:

  • All documents related to the professional and legal status of the freelancer.
    • All BlueQuo talent are requested to sign our Terms and Conditions of Service, which state our talent as independent contractors, not employees of BlueQuo or any company.
13-   Can my company be accused of abuse of economic dependence?

No. Abuse of economic dependence can only be applicable if there is (i) economic dependence, defined by a salary compensation from the company to BlueQuo Talent that is equal month after month for an extended period; (ii) subordination (the company decides on the BlueQuo talent schedule, holidays, objectives, etc.) (iii) dependence (the company and not the BlueQuo talent assumes the risk and venture of the operation).

In our usual assignments, BlueQuo Talent works for different clients and projects with different timeframes. Also, our talent is free to establish the time dedicated to the assignment, works remotely, doesn’t use the client’s corporate email, decides on what tools to use to perform the required services, and is free to decide on the working hours.

14- Does BlueQuo charge a service fee to its community?

No. BlueQuo offers a free service to its community members.

15- Do you provide tech (full stack, front-end, back-end, etc) or more junior profiles?

BlueQuo focuses on the middle to top management positions and can provide companies with an experienced CTO with cross-sector and international experience to perform as an interim manager, within a specific project, as an advisor, or board member, for example.

16- How can BlueQuo guarantee a cultural fit between companies and talents?

Our community members are game changers, perseverant, action-oriented, sharp in business, and results-driven. A perfect talent and company match depends not only on skills but also on the values and culture of both parties. With that in mind, we conduct behavioral assessments during our qualification and briefing process to find the best suitable candidates.

17- Why should I choose BlueQuo over another HRtech solution, a HeadHunter, or look for the talent myself?

BlueQuo provides an end-to-end solution, from hiring to onboarding, payments, and OKRs measurement. We are not a staffing company, but a growth partner for scaleups through top talent, tech, and magic.

Whenever you need it, you can rely on our pool of C-level talent that combines a rare combination of hard skills, expertise, and attitude that delivers faster results, a fresh perspective, and a real and tangible return on investment. In addition to our talent, BlueQuo offers a set of transformational tools to help you succeed in the growth process.

18- How does the automatization of paperwork and payments work?

The signature of all agreements, including terms and conditions, will be arranged through our platform. The regulatory compliance review will be done via Mangopay platform, our partner, who owns software that allows the knowledge of our freelancers (KYC). Likewise, payments are also through Mangopay.

19-   What is the BlueQuo fee?

Our fee is 15% calculated on the taxable base of the executive cost. This amount will be included monthly on the executive’s invoice, allowing the client to pay the commission in installments, thus differentiating us from other headhunters. The fee based on volume can also be negotiated.

20- How does a company demonstrate to an investor the key role of a BlueQuo Talent, while not being an employee?

A BlueQuo talent is not a freelancer like any other. Our selection process is demanding, ensuring a perfect cultural fit between the company and the candidate. To ensure this commitment, we will provide our customers with a Growth, Performance, and Engagement dashboard that will allow them to set clear goals, measure progress and ensure that all conditions for maximum performance and engagement are achieved.


1- Is BlueQuo a headhunter?

No, we build world-class teams by bringing together independent executives from our community to support our client’s growth. We provide an end-to-end solution, from matchmaking to performance management, that allows both parties to grow, on demand. We are business partners and are accountable for the collective outcome. We enable BlueQuo talent to work on the projects they love when it suits them. While this sometimes means working in our clients’ offices, BlueQuo talent mostly works remotely.

2- Why should I be part of the BlueQuo Community?

BlueQuo is an end-to-end solution that connects independent executives and hyper-growth companies sharing the same values and purpose. We centralize and manage invoices, payments, and contracts in one place and help talent and companies grow thanks to a curated performance management system.

As a talent, you’ll get access to a workstyle that fits your life and receive only assignment proposals from companies that match and fit your needs.

3- What kind of assignment can I find with BlueQuo?

BlueQuo is the first human-centric marketplace for hyper-growth companies providing independent C-levels on demand. You can find the following different formats:

  • Interim Management: fill a temporary role that can be full-time or part-time (e.g., to bridge a maternity leave).
    • Advisory: provide insights, give constructive feedback and share knowledge with our customers.
    • Short-term assignments: implement best practices and build internal capabilities within a period.
    • Board members: support our clients in the long term with industry knowledge and help them overcome challenges and make difficult decisions.
    • Squad: to be part of a multidisciplinary team to solve challenges of different kinds.
4-   Who are BlueQuo’s customers?

BlueQuo collaborates with scale-ups companies from different sectors, countries and at different stages.

5- How can I become a BlueQuo Talent? Is it a closed circle?

To become a BlueQuo Talent, you must create an account on our platform. To gain access to our community, you must have a minimum of 15 years of leadership experience in a role that reports to the CEO or Founder, to a Board of Directors, have deep experience running a functional department at a larger organization, or experience in the startup ecosystem or as a kickstarter.

6- Will I be employed by BlueQuo?

No. All BlueQuo Talents are freelance, who have the freedom to choose where and when to work. That means everyone operates either as a sole contractor or under their own company. We believe this is the best way to determine each person’s work style.

7- Can I work from anywhere?

It depends on the client’s requirements for each assignment. We actively encourage remote work, allowing our talents to design a work style that fits each person’s lifestyle. We know that life changes from month to month and week to week – and work should change with it.

8- Do I have to pay a fee?

No, BlueQuo is a free service for its community members.

9- Will the company provide me with the necessary equipment to work?

As this is not an employment relationship, the equipment needed to work (computer, mouse, and mobile phone) will be at the talent’s expense.

10- How to define my rate?

Define a rate/hour ratio that fits with the market depending on the client’s mission, the type of project, the availability needed, and your experience solving similar problems.

We recommend you establish a broad price ratio as a reference, and we will support you in defining the fees for each mission once we share with you a specific project.

11- My client is abroad, how do I bill him?

To be able to invoice a company registered outside your country within the EU, you must register yourself as an intra-community operator. Depending on your country of origin, you will have to follow the necessary steps to register and be within the VIES system (Mod 037 in Spain)

Once you have your NIF-VAT, you can start invoicing your services to European customers.

  • In general, invoices issued for professional services to EU companies are not subject to VAT when both supplier and client appear in the ROI as intra-community operators.
    • If the service is provided to a client in the same country within the EU, in this case, you will have to issue the invoice with the corresponding VAT and withholding tax corresponding to your country.
  • If the invoice recipient is registered outside the EU, invoices must be issued without VAT and withholding tax, regardless of the country you are from within the EU.
12- Do I have to work part-time? Can I still work five days a week?

That is entirely up to you. Some people work five days a week, and others work less, with the flexibility to fit their lifestyle. Others work weekends, evenings, or just afternoons. It’s entirely up to you, and you can work as much or as little as you like (depending on what’s available) as long as you do excellent work.

13- What happens in case of a dispute?

It can happen that an assignment does not go as planned: a different understanding of the scope of the mission, an initial need that is sometimes inaccurate, a change in the specifications, divergent points of view during the project, a matter of taste, a lack of regular exchanges, etc.In all these scenarios, it’s important to restore healthy communication and reach an agreement as soon as possible.

If you have a dispute with your client, let us know as soon as possible we will help you resolve it. BlueQuo is a third party in this contract: our teams are therefore not in a position to make a decision one way or the other, to evaluate the technical quality of a service, to assess the merits of a dispute, to force a BlueQuo Talent to provide a service or to impose the payment of an invoice on a client.

14- How do you ensure that BlueQuo Talent complies?

We have a partnership with Mangopay, a platform that takes care of KYC (know your customers) to ensure compliance; before starting the mission, we request our BlueQuo Talents some documentation (varies according to the country of tax residence).

15- How soon can I get paid?

After filling in your bank details, sharing the required legal documents, and profile validation, you are ready to embrace a new mission and provide your services when the right opportunity comes. The customer is ultimately responsible for the payment of your services. Payments are due within the first ten days of the following month to the bank account provided.

16- How does the invoicing work?

To invoice a client for your services, you will first have to sign the offer letter through our platform, where you will indicate your quote and your tax data.

Then, in the last week of the month, if you want BlueQuo to invoice the client on your behalf, you need to send us the amount to be due or just send us your invoice. Either way, this needs to happen on the last working day of each month, to ensure payment timings.

17-    What if I am a full-time employee who wants to do freelance work on the side? Can I still sign up on BlueQuo?

Yes, you can work full-time for a company and also tackle freelancer projects on the side through BlueQuo. Before doing so, please check the following points:

  • Verify with your employer that your employment contract allows you to freelance on the side. In some cases, there may be a non-compete clause that prohibits you from doing so. If your company allows its employees to work part-time, you should check when you are allowed to work on your freelancer projects. Usually, this is outside of normal business hours.
  • Register an independent freelancer business or company with your local authorities. While you can register with BlueQuo, create a profile, and send quotes to potential new clients. While your business registration is being finalized, you cannot get paid until you have uploaded all relevant legal documents proving your business registration to your BlueQuo account. Until then, all amounts paid in advance by your clients will be kept securely in a digital wallet.
18- Can BlueQuo help me with contracts and invoices?

Of course. Our team is always available to support you with any topics related to your mission. We work with accounting firms that offer a special discount to our community to help them prepare their declaration, etc.

19-   Why is BlueQuo different?

Far from a transactional interactive talent inventory, BlueQuo is a purpose-driven organization that gives its community the perfect conditions to choose when and where to work with fulfillment as the ultimate goal. It means that we are an organization that lives its work style philosophy differently than another transactional marketplace. An organization that makes a conscious effort to walk the talk. We expect our members to grow with us, collaborate and support each other, and build collaboration around both common and social interests.

BlueQuo has a living soul and a unique vision and ensures its members share it.

20- Can I get paid in equity? How does it work?

Yes, sometimes the client may offer equity in exchange for your services. Generally, it is an addition to an agreed financial compensation and it will be the client who sets the conditions, but you can always try to negotiate it.

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