Digital marketing trends for 2023

The world of digital marketing is constantly changing, so the only thing we can be sure of is that there will always be a new trend, algorithm, or technology that…

The world of digital marketing is constantly changing, so the only thing we can be sure of is that there will always be a new trend, algorithm, or technology that pushes you to take new directions, even daily. Therefore, to create a digital marketing strategy, brands should stop thinking about what the future will bring and which trends are shaping the world because the future is already here, and we should all immerse ourselves in it.

We need to remember that we come from a couple of years full of challenges and disruptions caused by the pandemic, this caused many uncertainties in the social and economic, in addition to a peak in the use of social networks thanks to the lockdown, according to the Digital 2021 report prepared by Hootsuite and we are social, during that year there was a year-on-year growth of more than 13% in the use of social media platforms and these figures do not stop increasing, this undeniably means that its time to invest in digital marketing and the emerging trends.

If you want to keep up to date, we will review the trends shaping 2023 and how your company can take advantage of them.

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More digitalization and metaverse

A virtual world in which users can perform their daily life activities, such as working, studying, playing, and even meeting with other users, is an opportunity that brands can use to grow and sell their products or services.

Companies are constantly looking for ways to reach their audience through immersive and personalized experiences in virtual environments, so virtual, AR technology, and the metaverse will be more and more relevant in the digital marketing strategy.

We all know that Meta is a company that lives by selling ads, so during 2023 you should be on the lookout to see how digital marketing evolves concerning the metaverse.

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User-Generated Content

Brands are increasingly relying on their customers and fans to create content for them, examples include product reviews and opinions, social media posts with branded hashtags, and participation in rewards, or influencer programs. This type of content is valuable because it is authentic and has a greater reach among target audiences and potential customers. In addition, this content can be shared and amplified through social networks, which gives brands greater reach and visibility.

Changes in the algorithm of social networks

Algorithms in online platforms are giving headaches to content creators, digital marketing analysts, Community Managers, Social Media Managers, etc. Changes in these algorithms are a constant trend in digital marketing and will continue to be a key factor in 2023.

Social networks regularly adjust their algorithms to improve the user experience and provide greater relevance and freshness in the news feed. For brands, this means they must stay on top of the changes and adapt to them to ensure their content remains visible to their audience. In addition, it will be important to continue investing in quality content and building relationships with followers, as these are the factors that often drive organic reach on social media.


One of the main objectives of digital marketing is to satisfy customer demand, and customers are demanding that their needs are fulfilled. According to a study by Accenture Song, 91% of consumers prefer brands that offer them relevant and personalized products or services, and 83% of consumers are willing to share their data in exchange for a personalized experience, which tells us that hyper-personalization is significant.

Speaking with brand representatives about any doubt, problem, or opinion is very valuable to the consumer, and the company must take advantage of this to strengthen contact with customers and forge a more lasting relationship. We all want personalized attention, therefore, most people prefer to be served through channels such as WhatsApp, Telegram, online chat, or direct messages through social networks.

But the efforts to achieve a personalized experience need to be strategically articulated and designed, as  Samy Alliance pointed out in its  marketing trends for 2023 report: “Personalization is not sending personalized emails to custom audiences, it is much more.

Instead of a poor personalization approach we can have a broader scope. Then we can describe personalization as the ability to send the right message, to the right person, at the right time and.. using the right channel.”

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Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the trends in digital marketing that does not change and is growing more and more because it is effective. Specifically, the advertising company only pays for what it sells, with low-cost distribution and reach; additionally, these marketing actions combine branding and sales. This model is attractive to brands because it offers a way to approach a new and relevant audience without investing heavily in advertising.

It’s a win-win strategy because affiliates have incentives to promote products that they truly believe in and are valuable to their audience, which can lead to greater trust and promotional effectiveness.


The use of podcasts in marketing is a growing trend. Companies use them with three objectives: to make themselves known in the market, to position themselves with new audiences, and to strengthen the brand. They are popular because they are accessible and can be listened to while doing other activities, which is a great advantage over other formats.

iVoxx affirms that this trend will continue to grow, and more celebrities will join this format. Plus, according to IAB, advertising spending on podcasts will increase by 8% by 2023. Brands can take advantage of this popularity by creating and promoting their own podcast, or through collaboration and sponsorship of podcasts relevant to their audience.

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Customer Data Platforms

With the recent cookieless philosophy, companies’ first-hand data plays a key role in the operation of any business. On many occasions, marketing departments work with biased and siloed information, losing the transversal vision of the business, for this, there are the CDP, the customer data platforms.

These platforms, according to Oracle, have three fundamental objectives:

  • Collect and unify all data from all possible customer sources.
  • Manage customer data and respect their privacy.
  • Activate this customer data: work segments to create audiences.

By having all this data in one place, brands can have a more complete and detailed understanding of their customers and use that information to personalize and improve their experience. Customer data platforms can help brands improve the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and increase customer loyalty and retention.


By linking personalization with sales automation through the usage of Artificial Intelligence, the experience will be enhanced, and more value can be gained over the competition. According to HubSpot’s Sales Enablement Survey, the use of sales automation technology platforms and CRMs is closely related to the performance of sales teams, helping them to be more productive.

This year we will witness how artificial intelligence and automation become the real protagonists of digital marketing campaigns. Alejandro Martin, an expert in the area, comments that “increasingly, managers will have to focus on strategy and on how to increase funnel conversion. And less and less on segmentations or keyword selection”. In addition, according to the Top 2023 Marketing Trends report, 63% of professionals in the sector will apply Artificial Intelligence to their marketing strategies.

Also, in Samy Alliance’s report on marketing trends, the current state of this technology is summarized the following way “AI for creativity is still a bit far from being the next movement but a few brands may test this technology in 2023. The use of AI for custo- mer and client experience and strategy appear as the main applications for this year.

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